Don Davies – an “Independent Worth a Vote”

It’s official!  InFacts, the highly regarded national News and Current Affairs website “dedicated to making the most of post-referendum Britain”, has selected 6 independent candidates whom electors should consider voting for – and Don Davies is one of them!

There’s only one thing wrong with this endorsement of Don.  InFacts says “The constituency voted 52% remain last year. Sadly, nobody has a chance of defeating Brexiter Liam Fox with his 23,000 majority.

But we know this isn’t necessarily the case.  We have already shown in Don’s advert in the North Somerset Times that 48,621 people did not vote for Liam Fox.  That’s over half the electorate.  We will win if  we get behind a single candidate. 

We know that Labour and the LibDems will carry on with their battle for third place, but for the first time we have a genuine opportunity to win – an opportunity to get Fox out after 25 years!

Your Vote.  Your Choice.


Remember too that youth votes will decide this election. I’m #votingforhope


And what with all the fake news being put out in this election it’s also good to know that InFacts has a code of ethics.

InFacts is committed to upholding the highest ethical standards. It will fulfil its journalistic mission to make the fact-based case for Britain to remain in the EU in an open, courteous and fair-minded way.

Our journalists:

  • hold accuracy sacrosanct. They check their facts systematically and thoroughly
  • correct an error quickly and openly
  • don’t fabricate or plagiarise stories
  • obtain material by honest, straightforward and open means
  • protect the identity of sources who supply information in confidence
  • don’t pay for a story
  • don’t take personal advantage of information gained in the course of their duties
  • refuse any bribe or other inducement to influence, distort or suppress a story
  • seek a comment from any party targeted in a story they’re preparing for publication
  • don’t publish an article without the approval of an editor
  • declare potential conflicts of interest to their editor

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