Repeal the Fox Hunting Ban? NO!

I have had more than 100 e mails from North Somerset constituents who are deeply concerned that Theresa May has promised a vote to repeal the fox hunting ban if the Conservatives win the general election and on Bank Holiday Monday thousands marched in London to protest against the proposed vote.


I have responded to the constituents who have e mailed, saying that I believe cruelty to animals is more widespread than most people realise, from poor treatment on the farm right through to the current fad for designer pets, and that penalties and enforcement are insufficient.  As I used to volunteer at Horse World in Whitchurch, I saw first-hand the victims of cruelty.

The most important point I have tried to make is that, as an independent candidate, I am led by the needs and aspirations of the residents of North Somerset, not any party machine.  Although this proposal is being touted as a “free vote” we know that the great majority of Conservatives will fall in line behind their leader to vote the repeal through.

So I am glad to be able to say right now that I would NOT support a repeal of the ban on fox hunting.  There is of course one proviso: I need your vote to help me get to Westminster in the first place.  If I have your vote on 8 June then I will guarantee to vote against this in the Commons.

Don Davies, Independent Parliamentary Candidate for North Somerset.

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